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and by-products
Tierfutterindustrie Pharmaindustrie Fette
  Pork intestines
After ends
Fat ends
  Pork pancreas
Sow pancreas
Pork gut slime
  Pig fats

Natural sausage gut casings have been on the menu of mankind for over 2000 years. A natural by-product of every
slaughtering procedure. The natural casing follows the desire of the consumers for more natural food.The air-permeable
casing enhances the development of the aroma and contributes towards the natural preservation of dry sausages. The
colour of the natural gut depends on the thickness and is from whitish to transparent. The natural colour may
change by being smoked. Natural gut is hygienic and is subjected to a number of strict quality controls and
hygiene controls pursuant to EU standards. Yet it is not only as sausage casing that natural gut is used.
Formerly used as strings for hunting bows, as swimming aids or storage pouches, they are today used as
strings for music instruments or for tennis rackets.